Our Features

The Mantra

" The Success of life can be measure by only one scale i.e. whatever you are doing is what you dreamt of doing and whatever the way you are doing is that which gives you joy and pleasure with ultimate satisfaction. If you dream of becoming an IAS and want to prepare for Civil Service Examination, prepare the way which gives you joy and pleasure. Don't feel it a burden imposed on you. I am sure through the process of preparation you will learn so many things which can make you a complete man even if not IAS. "

Our Speciality

1. We have class with smaller batches having interactive class sessions. Most of the coaching centres in India has classroom looking like an indoor stadium full of audience and only one player. The classes are not interactive. Teacher delivers lecture, students get it or not teacher is unaware. He has to follow only the target of the date and time but he is not conerned about the outcome of the delivery. Normally a teacher does not know the student. Students can't ask questions if they do not understand an idea. Even if they interact, huge crowd do not allow getting their problems solved. Next time they are discouraged. After the coaching they do not get access with the same teacher. hence, they become guideless.

2. We have weekly test schedules with individual feedback by the main faculty. Special class is conducted on writing skill. A candidate is made aware about the requirements of UPSC civil services and the approach to be followed in answer writing. Weekly test, Surprise test, End-Unit test and Comprehensive test on examination environment is conducted. Srikant Bhagat sir himself evaluales the paper specially of Public Administration and relevant G.S papers.

3. We are known for high level of predictable course. Almost all questions especially of Public Administration optional of UPSC, Civil Services (Mains) can be attempted from classnotes and class lectures. In 2012, even the first question (Parato's optimality) which was missing in course content of Public Administration of almost every coaching centre of India was covered thrice by SRIKANT BHAGAT Sir. It can be verified from any ex-students. Normally, the questions of UPSC Mains do not go beyond the courses taught.

4. No dictation is given, only discussion is conducted in the class. Materials are provided in printed and handwritten form. Most of the institution provide class dictation which consume 50% of the course time period. Hence, our 4 months course is equivalent to 8 months course of other institutions. This is the reason, why most of the coachings do not cover full course in the session. Paper-I is generally completed but Paper-II is skipped in most cases. However, we cover entire course with due conceptual clarity. 

5. Classes are given based on practical experiences and ground realities. Class lectures of SRIKANT BHAGAT Sir is full of live situations which gives a candidate feel of reality of administration and its practices. He himself participates in seminars and workshops conducted by Ministries, Indian Institute of Public Administration, International organizatons and NGOs. He himself is a social activist. Therefore, his teachings has flavour of ground realities of administration. 

6. Highly updated, Relevant and Dynamic course content is provided. The reports of Commissions and Committees along with references from Ministries, International Organisation like WTO, ASPA, UN, &World Bank etc. Articles from IIPA, Law journals, and from magazines are thoroughly incorporated within the domains of relevance.

7. Our commitment towards courses are highly professional but treatment with students is personal We charge course fee only once for a particular course but constant and continued support in that course is given to the candidates. No extra fees is charged for repeating a particular topic of the class. No extra fees is charged for Test Series of enrolled course of the current session or the future sessions. Revision class or Crash course is conducted every 'Mains session' and our enrolled candidates are allowed to appear in the class without any fees. Personal attention is also available even after the course is over. These features are largely not found in other reputed institutions. Most of them charge extra fees for future sessions and rarely entertain candidates once the course is over.


Why royal IAS ?
Class Features

1. Individual attention is given to every candidate.

2. Syllabus is covered comprehensively keeping in mind the requirement of UPSC.

3. Record of 6 out of 8 compulsory questions (from Q.1 & Q.5) as well as 4 out of 4 remaining long answers of UPSC previous years paper have been covered under class discussion or notes given

4. Fresher candidates are given more attention to strengthen their foundation. 

5. Regular discussion is conducted on previous year questions

6. Discussion session is conducted on relevant issues , which is a unique feature of our academy.


Test Features 
1. Regular Test is conducted at short intervals.

2. Surprise Test is conducted keeping in mind the escapist approach of some students.

3. At the finish of every unit, test is conducted to sum up.

4. Comprehensive and full test is conducted at the finish of each paper. 

5. Personal and objective feed back is given to every candidate.

6. Correction of Answer sheet is done by Srikant Bhagat Sir only, unlike other institutions, where due care is not given by the chief evaluator. 

7. Focus is given on enrichment of writing skill. 

8. Technique is suggested in this regard.

Study Material Features 
1. Too bulky material is not given to the candidates. However, every relevant topic is covered in study material which can help in answering maximum questions asked by UPSC.

2. The class notes or printed materials are lucid and simple.

3. IIPA Journal, International Journal, WB, WTO, UN & Ministry’s reports are also covered.

4. Recommendations of Commissions/Committees are thoroughly researched upon to bring that into study materials. 

5. Important articles of various significant personalities are also referred.

6. We don’t waste time in giving dictation, most of the class notes are prepared before hand and important new additions are given through fresh sheets or dictation. This makes our 3 ½ months course as equivalent to 7 months course of other institutions.

Special Features 
1. Our teaching method is professional but the treatment to student is personal.

2. Student’s academic problems are solved with due care.

3. The candidates who join Mains Course Programme in P.A. need not pay any fee for revision classes or future test series.

4. They can re attend the classes missed by them. 

5. No fee is charged from regular students on any programme of Interview including project team, discussion etc.

6. Enrolled regular students are regularly informed of important activities of the academy course related or cultural, if it concerns them.