Book List

Book List (Sociology)


1. Methods in Social Research by W.J.Goode, P.K. Hatt

2. Sociological Theory by George Ritzer, D.J. Goodman

3. Sociology: Themes and Perspectives by M.Haralambos and R.M.Heald

4. Sociology: Themes and Perspectives by M.Haralambos and M.Holborn

5. Modern Organization by A. Etzioni

6. Invitation to Sociology of Religion by Phil Zuckerman

7. The Dynamics of Technology for Social Change by Jonathan Peizer

8. Education and Social Change by John Rury

9. The Myth of the Nation – State by Sylvia Walby


1. Modernization of Indian Tradition by Yogendra Singh

2. Social Background of Indian Nationalism by A.R. Desai

3. Social Stratification by Dipankar Gupta

4. Caste in 20th Century Avatar by M.N. Sriniwas

5. Indian Sociological Thought by B.K. Nagla

6. Handbook of Indian Sociology by Veena Das

7. Social Movements in India by Ghanshyam Shah

8. Law and Social Change by V.R. Krishna Iyer

9. Domestic Violence Against Women in India by A.K. Singh, S.P. Singh & S.P. Pandey

10. Caste conflict and Social Justice by Mihir Bholey

11. Handbook on Poverty + Inequality by J.Haughton & S.R. Khandker

12. Population Dynamics in India by Pradha Shastri Ranade

13. Rural Development and Poverty Eradication in India by N. Mukundan