Srikant Bhagat is a renowned teacher of Public Administration who himself appeared in IAS interviews and all the main examination of his attempt. He is an excellent orator, educationist, author, social worker and ethically enriched human being. He is so passionate about teaching that he did not prefer to serve as Preventive Officer (Indian Custom) and ACIO – II after getting selected. He has equal command over theory of Public Administration as well as practice of administration in India. He is known for his simplistic way of teaching. Class lectures of Srikant Bhagat Sir is full of live situations which gives a candidate feel of reality of administration and its practices. He himself participates in Seminars and Workshops conducted by Ministries, IIPA, International Organization and NGOs


We have class with smaller batches having interactive class sessions. Most of the coaching centres in India has classroom looking like an indoor stadium full of audience and only one player. The classes are not interactive. Teacher delivers lecture, students get it or not teacher is unaware. He has to follow only the target of the date and time but he is not conerned about the outcome of the delivery. Normally a teacher does not know the student.


Committed towords quality, morality and dynamism